Ongoing Awards

These awardees have completed their initial projects, and will continue to conduct additional research for the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition. 


Measuring and Assessing Effectiveness in Preventive Nutrition and Public Health Programmes: A closer look at the global vitamin A supplementation programme A core component of health system strength is the

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Case Study Awardees

These case studies delve into  collaborative planning for campaign integration.

Ibolda Health International

“Scaling Up Access to Preventive Malaria Intervention Through an Integrated Campaign Approach” conducted by Ibolda Health International in Nigeria The project will address the integration of seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC)

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PATH India

“Rationale, effectiveness and feasibility of integration of MDA for Lymphatic Filariasis, Deworming and Pulse Polio programmes in India – A Case Study” conducted by PATH in India For this project,

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“Lessons from the integrated mOPV2 and Vitamin A supplementation campaign the context of COVID-19 in Ghana” conducted by UNICEF Ghana, on behalf of The Research and Development Division (RDD) of the

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IR Awardees

These projects focus on implementation research (IR). 

Bridges to Development

“Building the links between campaigns and PHC: Evaluating serosurveillance and PHC referral during integrated NTD campaigns in two countries of the Western Pacific” conducted by Bridges to Development in Papua

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Connecti3 LLC

“Use of predictive analytics and a web data management platform for integrated health campaign micro planning and achieving better health campaign efficiency and effectiveness in Rwanda” conducted by Connecti3 LLC

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“Integrating NTD campaign interventions into the Primary Health Care System: an exploratory implementation research in Ethiopia” conducted by Eyu-Ethiopia in Ethiopia This project will study the preconditions and strategies for

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Helen Keller International

“Assessment of the Transition of Vitamin A Supplementation and Deworming (SVAD) in the Routine Health Care System/Évaluation de la transition de la supplémentation en vitamine A et déparasitant (SVAD) dans

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Jimma University

“Evaluating the effectiveness, acceptability, and feasibility of the fully integrated campaign of two mass drug administrations and three other complementary health interventions (2MDA+3): A pragmatic implementation research in Ethiopia” conducted

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The Carter Center

“Evaluating a transition to government ownership of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminth control programs in four districts in Nigeria” conducted by The Carter Center  in Nigeria This NTD-focused project will research

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The Malaria Consortium

“Improving Vitamin A Coverage through integration with Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention delivery: An Implementation Research in rural and urban settings in Nigeria” conducted by the Malaria Consortium in Nigeria This project

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