March 2023: Pakistan kicked off a national anti-polio vaccination campaign

Pakistan kicked off a national anti-polio vaccination campaign March 13 in Sindh and Punjab provinces, targeting more than 21.5 million children under age 5. The first phase aims to vaccinate over 17.4 million children in 13 districts of Punjab and 16 districts of Sindh and Islamabad. A second phase slated for April 3-7 targets more than 4.1 million children in Pakistan’s two other provinces, including 12 districts of Balochistan and 26 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In province’s Larkana district, 890 mobile teams will administer the oral polio vaccine, including in remote areas affected by floods. Teams will also work in railway stations, bus stops and markets. Wild polio is endemic to the region; Punjab ran an outbreak response campaign in February after several environmental sample sites tested positive. With the start of Ramadan, officials are concerned that the movement of people will increase the pathogen’s spread. UrduPoint; The Nation



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