May 2021: South Sudan continues OCV and YF campaign

South Sudan is continuing its nationwide integrated cholera (OCV) and yellow fever (YF) vaccination campaign (with yellow fever vaccines targeted at people age 10-60). In May, the campaign administered 33,233 YF and 36,497 OCV vaccines to Ethiopian refugees from Village 8, Um-Rakoba, and Tunaytba refugee camps in South Sudan’s Gedaref state, while 18,368 YF and 18,368 OCV vaccines reached the surrounding host communities.

In addition, Hamdait camp in Kassala state distributed 3,834 YF and 4,231 OCV vaccines. A separate five-day anti-yellow fever campaign was launched May 19, targeting 60,000 people age 5-60 in the administrative counties of Yei that border Kajokeji county (which reported an outbreak of the disease last year). This campaign is being extended and now targets 63,000 people age 6 months to 60 years. UNICEFRadio Tamazuj

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