IR Awardee Exchange

Meeting Information

Kindly save 2 June 2021 from 8AM to 10:00 AM EDT (12 to 2 pm GMT) for the first exchange of the Health Campaign Effectiveness’ supported implementation research awardees in campaign integration and transition of campaigns to primary health care systems. The objectives of this virtual collaborative learning session are that participants gain:

  • an overview of the IR study portfolio,
  • a deeper understanding of a selection of projects in the two priority themes, and
  • an opportunity to engage and exchange information on the projects.


The awardee exchange aims to foster the exchange of study plans among IR awardees in the themes of campaign integration or transition to primary health care systems. There will be engagement and feedback from members of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), Campaign Integration Working Group (CIWG), representatives of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and HCE program office. Awardees will learn from each other and raise common issues in a forum of the multinational cohort and governance group members. Continued interaction and engagement will ensue in the coalition workspace.

Awardees will be supplied with a presentation template in PowerPoint format with suggested elements in advance of the session. Awardees are encouraged to invite colleague(s) in the Ministry of Health or Education or the government agency with whom the awardee is collaborating.

A calendar invite with the agenda is forthcoming.

The awardee exchange session will be held via Zoom Meeting. Do you have the latest version?


Meeting Materials

For Attendees:


For Presenters:

  • Template for Project Plan Presentation to come


Instructions for the Coalition Workspace

Below, please find a series of instructional videos for use of the Coalition Workspace.

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