Promising Practices

Potential Areas of Collaborative Planning of Malaria Interventions

A process evaluation of potential areas of collaborative planning of malaria interventions in Nigeria

  • Engage stakeholders early in the process.
  • Involve community leaders and influencers to promote community acceptance of the integrated campaign.
  • Form a workgroup to ensure coordination of campaign integration.
  • Develop shared digital tools to monitor campaign progress.
  • Integrate some macroplanning activities, including developing timelines of the integrated campaign.
  • Integrate microplanning by coordinating storage, facility assessments and population data gathering.
  • Align training days and materials to harmonize campaigns and maximize human resources.
  • Extend the duration of the integrated campaign to support the interventions.

Photo Credit: William Nsai

“The idea to integrate ITN and SMC campaigns is a welcome development as it presents an opportunity to optimize the resources available… it’s exciting to see what the outcomes will be but, for sure it’s a doable venture.” - Head, IVM Branch, Nigeria National Malaria Elimination Programme