Training material: COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction and deployment Costing tool (CVIC)

Countries are planning the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines for 2021 and need an estimate of the incremental costs for resource mobilization purposes, including the World Bank’s COVID-19 Fast-Track Loan Facility. Countries can also use the tool to prepare budgets for vaccination beyond 2021 as COVID-19 vaccine is deployed. The tool aligns with the COVID-19 vaccine introduction readiness assessment tool and the Guidance on developing a national deployment and vaccination plan, and WHO SAGE values framework for the allocation and prioritization of COVID-19 vaccination. The tool is to be available for any country to use, though it may mostly be of interest to the 92 AMC countries. The tool is designed to support a rapid, yet comprehensive, estimation of the incremental costs. For that purpose, the tool is pre-populated as much as possible – using available data from global databases. The tool is by default set up to support a rapid cost estimate in a modular manner. The tool’s output includes estimates, which can be directly inserted into COVID-19 vaccine introduction readiness assessment tool.

View the tool here.

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