September 2021: Countries launch Covid-19 vaccination campaigns for children

On September 16, Cuba became the first country to launch a vaccination campaign for children as young as age 2, after “the circulation of the Delta variant led to an increase in infections among the youngest.” The country plans to administer its homegrown Soberana vaccine to children ages 2-5 in clinics and ages 6-10 through schools.

Chile, China, El Salvador, and the UAE children. Chile will immunize children also recently announced plans to launch targeted campaigns for age 6 and older with Sinovac’s CoronaVac vaccine, China will vaccinate children age 3 and older with the same product, El Salvador will vaccinate kids age 6 and older, and the UAE will inoculate 3-year-olds with a Sinopharm vaccine. CNN; Al Jazeera; MSN

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