The School of Medicine of the University of the Andes

Implementation of a Primary Health Care Model Emphasizing Neglected Infectious Diseases in Caño Cubiyu de Vaupés” conducted by the School of Medicine of the University of the Andes in Colombia

This project targets the indigenous population of Vaupés, an Amazonian region which is only accessible by 8 hours in a boat. It will address endemic diseases, such as soil transmitted helminthiasis, chagas and trachoma, and aims to identify strategies that can be implemented to modify behaviors related to trachoma and geo-helminthiasis. Partners for the project include the Department of Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Directorate of Vector-borne Diseases of the Vaupés Health Secretariat and the indigenous organization of Vaupés Caño Cubiyu.

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