Key Objectives

Below are the objectives and key questions that this shared campaign calendar is intended to answer.


Objective 1

Improve understanding of the size and scope of campaign-based delivery, by providing a consistent view of what is planned.

Key questions:

  • How many campaigns are planned globally, regionally, in-country?

  • Which countries have the most planned campaigns?

  • Are there certain times of the year when more campaigns occur?


Objective 2

Improve collaboration and coordination around campaigns across partners and health verticals.

Key questions:

  • Are there opportunities to collaborate on campaigns across health verticals (e.g., co-delivery) within a particular country?

  • Are there opportunities for data sharing?

  • Can partners see upcoming campaigns across health verticals?

  • Can partners use this information for more integrated planning of future campaigns?


Objective 3

Provide a mechanism for tracking and linking planned campaign dates with actual implementation dates and create an opportunity for connecting to other relevant campaign information.

Key questions:

  • How accurate are our predicted campaign dates?

  • What do we know about why a campaign was delayed?

  • How does calendar data relate to other campaign data?