Campaigns by Status

In light of COVID-19, there is increasing interest in tracking campaign implementation. The exhibit below outlines campaign information by status (see definitions below) for cholera, lymphatic filariasis, malaria, measles, meningitis, onchocerciasis, polio, schistosomiasis, STH, tetanus, typhoid, and yellow fever campaigns. Data is sourced from our partners at Gavi, Outbreak Response Task Team, UNICEF, WHO and media monitoring.


Status definitions

On track – campaign which will/has proceeded on time or with slight delay (< 1 month)

Complete – campaign confirmed complete

Delayed – campaign confirmed delayed or suspected to be delayed (see Status reason for additional information)

Rescheduled – campaign previously postponed that has been rescheduled

Resumed – campaign delayed and has since been reinstated

Cancelled – campaign cancelled

Unknown – campaign status unknown