Glossary Term: Ethical Use

Morally right, rooted in equality, and aiming to prioritize good and minimize harm.


In the Health Campaign Effectiveness Design Package, The Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition (HCE) Design Team defines ethical use as
“morally right, rooted in equality, and aiming to prioritize good and minimize harm.” The design package was a product of the overall design process and reflects statements made during Design Team meetings. The HCE design team was a group of leading thinkers and experts from a number of disease domains. This advisory body was created to design the Coalition itself. According to the Design Package, over the course of several months, the Design Team shared examples of organizational goals on campaign effectiveness and experiences with other successful coalitions; discussed possibilities for the Coalition structure, governance, and membership; and provided input into a Theory of Change. It also led conversations on critical topics for the Coalition to include within its scope and ensured that various stakeholders and countries were brought together. This design package works to outline core components of the Coalition, such as working versions of the Coalition purpose and vision, general principles, the Theory of Change model, and membership structure.

HCE Design Team. “Health Campaign Effectiveness Design Package.” The Task Force for Global Health, July 17, 2020.