January 2021 Partner News Round-Up

A collection of campaign stories captured and curated by Linksbridge SPC


Featured Stories

After a March 2020 postponement due to Covid-19, Bangladesh launched a six-week measles-rubella campaign on December 12, 2020—targeting 34 million children ages 9 months to 9 years. WHO

India rescheduled a national immunization day polio drive targeting children under age 5 with oral vaccines, moving it from January 17 to January 31 to avoid conflict with the country’s Covid-19 vaccination rollout, which began on January 16. India Ministry of Health

Aiming to be declared filaria-free in 2021, Guyana will launch its fourth and final round of a multiyear mass drug administration event against lymphatic filariasis in February—following postponement in 2020 due to Covid-19—distributing ivermectin, diethylcarbamazine, and albendazole (IDA) door-to-door to people two years and older in the country’s eight endemic regions. Guyana Department of Public Information; Guyana Chronicle; PAHO


Outbreak Response

The Philippines will conduct phase 2 of an integrated measles-rubella (MR) and oral polio vaccine (OPV) supplementary immunization activity drive from February 1-28, aiming to reach 9,472,468 children under age 5 with MR, and 6,919,015 children under age 5 with OPV; the drive will cover the Visayas and Regions III, IV-A, and the National Capital Region. Phase 1 of the campaign ran from October 26 to November 25 of last year. Philippines Information Agency; Philippines Information Agency

Sudan ran the second round of a nationwide anti-polio campaign between January 25-28, targeting 8 million children under age 5 with oral polio vaccine drops and vitamin A. WHO Sudan tweet; Africa News

Nigeria’s Bauchi state ran a yellow fever vaccine campaign from January 18-27, aiming to reach 7 million people across 19 local government areas. News Agency of Nigeria

Ethiopia launched a five-day cholera outbreak response campaign on December 30, 2020, reaching 97.3% of its 1.67-million-person target with oral cholera vaccine in five regional states: Sidama, Gambela, SNNP, Somali, and Oromia. Ethiopian Press Agency; Ethiopian Press Agency; WHO

Syria launched a second, six-day door-to-door anti-polio campaign to reach 45,000 children ages 1-5 years with oral polio vaccine beginning January 24 in the northwestern districts of Tell Abiad and Ras Al-Ayn. Drops were previously administered in the two regions as part of a December 2020 campaign against polio. Anadolu Agency; Qatar Red Crescent


Local Campaigns

Pakistan ran a five-day door-to-door anti-polio campaign beginning January 11, aiming to vaccinate 40 million children under age 5 and reach 32 million children ages 6-59 months with vitamin A supplements. Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme; Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme

Afghanistan launched its first national polio vaccine campaign of the year on January 18, aiming to reach over 9.9 million children under age 5 across the country. WHO

In response to severe floods and neighboring outbreaks, South Sudan conducted the first round of a preventive cholera campaign from January 16-21—administering the oral vaccine to 93,250 people 1 year and older in Pibor town, Verteth, Gumuruk, and Lekuangule. The country also launched preemptive drives earlier in Bor, reaching 63,280 people 1 year and older from December 16-20, 2020 and 64,137 from January 10-15. WHO

Liberia will run a nationwide typhoid vaccination campaign between February 24-28, targeting children ages 9 months to 15 years. Liberia Ministry of Health

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