Design Institute for Health: Intervention Process Maps

In an effort to provide greater clarity and transparency around the process of delivering health interventions by campaign, process maps have been created to show the steps involved in planning, funding, delivering, and reporting campaigns.
The information represented in these maps was sourced from a series of interviews with in-country health staff from the national to community level in Liberia.
The polio map outlines an EPI-focused process, and the schistosomiasis map details the process behind community-based MDAs. While the details in these maps are specific to the Liberian context, the general structure represented here is similar to that in many other countries and domains.
These maps can do the following:
  • Provide a window into country-level processes around campaigns.
  • Highlight touch-points between the country and global level.
  • Establish a baseline understanding of campaign processes among stakeholders and serve as a jumping-off point for problem and opportunity identification.
The research and production of these maps was conducted by the Design Institute for Health, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Liberia Polio Process Map, Liberia Schistosomiasis Process Map

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