Should Public Health Programs be Integrated into National Health Insurance?

LNCT’s panel session at the 2020 Health Systems Research Symposium provided a framework for thinking about public health programs in the context of NHI, using immunization as an example.

The session enabled participants to understand design choices that different countries have made, and why, on how immunization functions are handled across the Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance Agency, the challenges that have emerged, and how they have been dealt with.

The session panelists included:

  • Dr. Cheryl Cashin, Moderator, Managing Director, Results for Development

  • Dr. Tamar Gabunia, the First Deputy Minister of Health, Georgia

  • Dr. Koku Awoonor, Former Director, Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the Ghana Health Service

  • Dr. Asik Surya, Head of Immunization Sub-Directorate, EPI Manager, Indonesia

Watch the recording and view the presentation here.

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