UNICEF | WHO: Data for action: Achieving high uptake of COVID-19 vaccines

Gathering and using data on behavioral and social drivers of vaccination: A guidebook for immunization programmes and implementing partners

This guidebook and the associated surveys and qualitative interview guides were developed by a multi-disciplinary group of global experts and partners as a branch of an existing expert group developing similar tools to measure behavioural and social drivers (BeSD) of childhood vaccination. These tools for COVID-19 vaccination are grounded in the overall BeSD group expertise and existing research on vaccine uptake. The objective of BeSD is to boost the availability, quality and use of local and global data on vaccine acceptance and uptake.

Please note that these tools for COVID-19 have not yet been formally validated. However, cognitive interviews and psychometric validation is planned in the near future. WHO will provide ongoing updates to this guidebook and the tools in 2021.

View the document here.

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