What is a Health Campaign?

Health campaigns are time-bound, intermittent activities that address specific epidemiologic challenges, expediently fill delivery gaps, or provide surge coverage for health interventions. They can be used to prevent or respond to disease outbreaks, control or eliminate targeted diseases as a public health problem, eradicate a disease altogether, or achieve other health goals. Read more about why health campaigns are important.

Despite the many successes of health campaigns, current approaches can limit their potential impact. In settings where multiple campaigns occur, planning and implementation may be carried out with little communication or collaboration among stakeholders and with inadequate coordination with country health systems. This may result in inefficiencies and inequities that can strain health systems, burden health care workers, weaken health services and limit the potential impact of campaigns.

The Coalition

Until now, there has been no established forum to promote promising practices across the many and varied types of health campaigns. To address these gaps, The Task Force for Global Health has launched the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Coalition is a cross-campaign coalition that fosters learning and systems change. It brings together country leaders, donors, multilateral organizations, and NGOs from several large-scale health campaign domains, as well as specialists in health systems, ethics, and health economics.

The Coalition supports research that fosters the testing and replication of evidence-based campaign practices. It also develops guidelines and approaches so that campaigns can improve collaboration with the health systems of countries.

The Coalition welcomes your questions and inquiries. Please visit our contact page.

Learn more about how the Coalition was designed in this introductory video.

Vision & Impact

The Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition envisions country-led health systems using campaigns and ongoing services to achieve and sustain health-related development goals for all people.

The ultimate impact of the Coalition is that health system objectives are met through effective and equitable use of campaigns that are planned and delivered in conjunction with ongoing health services and that reach all populations targeted for the intervention(s).


The Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition works to improve collaboration between health campaigns and health systems through three strategies.

Create a forum for learning and coordination

Identify, test + replicate evidence-based practices

Advocate for policy alignment and collaboration