To achieve the long and intermediate-term outcomes, the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition employs three strategic approaches, each with a set of priority activities to be implemented. See the 2022 Action Plan for a detailed look at the Coalition’s activities and priorities.

1. Create a forum for learning and coordination

The Coalition formed a first-of-its-kind cross-campaign coalition to foster learning, collaboration and systems change, which positions country leaders at the helm. The Coalition fosters improved communication and collaboration across different health campaign domains, country leaders, global actors, donors, and implementing groups. This forum:

  • Fosters linkages and knowledge sharing across campaign platforms, country leaders, and contexts on innovative approaches and campaign delivery models, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Identifies shared challenges across campaigns and launch cross-campaign working groups to develop and execute solutions (e.g., the emergent working group around campaign co-delivery and collaboration in the COVID-era).
  • Supports the development and use of shared tools, data, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and structures across campaigns, where appropriate.

2. Identify, test and replicate evidence-based practices

The Coalition supports implementation research that fosters the identification, testing, evaluation and replication of evidence-based campaign practices, delivery models, tools and approaches which are relevant and acceptable to country health programs. The Coalition:

  • Develops a shared research agenda and an approach for identifying and testing promising practices and developing a shared evidence base.
  • Implements operational and implementation research to test promising practices for fit with country context and campaign type.
  • Shares evidence and promote adoption of campaign delivery models and approaches that are proven to reach at-risk populations and coordinate with routine health services, including providing guidance on when it is appropriate to apply data/evidence from one health area/geography to a new context.s

3. Advocate for policy alignment and collaboration

The Coalition advocates for policy alignment and collaboration between global partners and countries on campaign funding and support. The Coalition:

  • Examines the impact of existing incentive structures among different campaign donors and stakeholders on campaign outcomes and health systems.
  • Supports country leadership to guide campaign activities in service of established country goals and strategies.
  • Advocates for use of evidence-based and equitable approaches to campaign delivery informed by the Coalition’s research agenda.