Campaign financing analysis: opportunities for cross-campaign integration

Results for Development (R4D) recently conducted a health campaign financing landscape analysis for the HCE Coalition. The analysis aimed to identify practical actions to overcome financial barriers for cross-campaign collaboration and integration with routine primary health care delivery. While the analysis shines a light on financial barriers and disincentives, it also surfaces many opportunities to strengthen collaboration and integrated approaches.

Watch the video presentations by Annette Ozaltin, Program Director at R4D, and download the accompanying slides below the videos. Two slide presentations are available: (1) Financial barriers and (2) Opportunities.

A primer on campaigns and financing is available here.

Introduction:The background of disease-specific financing, which has driven a proliferation of standalone health campaigns.

Barriers and Disincentives: Seven key areas of barriers and disincentives related to health campaign financing.

Where Does Change Need to Start? The short video above introduces the overall categories of opportunities to address the barriers and disincentives.

Opportunities: This video series closes with an extensive menu of opportunities for campaign integration and collaboration. 

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