At-A-Glance: Primers on campaigns and financing

These primers provide a quick, high-level overview of the key characteristics of campaigns and their financing across five health domains: Polio, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Malaria, Neglected Tropical Diseases, and Malnutrition (Vitamin A Supplementation). The purpose is to provide experts in a particular health domain the opportunity to quickly understand the nuts and bolts of campaigns and their financing for the other domains.

The primers describe the health interventions delivered in each of the campaigns and note general characteristics of the campaigns, such as their frequency, target population age, delivery methods, and points of delivery. The primers describe the key strategy and guidance documents that exist for the health domains, with select references to integration and campaigns included. The primers also cover the key players involved in coordination and advocacy for the health domains. Finally, the primers include a section on financing which describes the largest funders, the different funding mechanisms, and commodity procurement. This section also describes the key implementers of those funds, and concludes with a brief country case example, elicited from the interviews, related to campaign financing.

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At-a-glance: Primers on campaigns and financing

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