Help Shape Sessions at the Second Annual Meeting

On October 19th and 20th, the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition will host the Second Annual Meeting: The Promise of Collaborative Action. The event will feature over a dozen panels, plenaries, and sessions, as well as multiple global networking sessions.

A few of the sessions will build off of the input of Coalition members and meeting attendees. Please take a few minutes to help shape these sessions by taking these brief surveys.


Developing Campaign Effectiveness Outcome Measures (Session C) 

This session builds on a recent study that explores measures of effectiveness, in addition to coverage, that would be helpful to program implementers. By the end of the session, participants will propose monitoring and evaluation systems and metrics that can be used to assess the equity of campaign implementation. (The concept examples included in the survey are from How to measure delivery effectiveness beyond coverage?” Hasman, Andreas 8 July 2021)

Take the survey here.


Economic Aspects of Campaigns and Integration (Session I) 

This open, semi-structured session will explore economic incentives and disincentives to campaign integration at all levels. Participants will explore how benefits and costs accruing to the communities/households are incorporated in economic analyses. Participants in this conversation are encouraged to share their thoughts on costing, financing, costs/benefits, and needs for action.

Take the survey here.

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