How the Campaign Intelligence Hub can support the Gavi application process

The November 2022 Gavi Application Process Guidelines encourage the coordination of immunization stakeholders to plan for new support; and as a guiding principle, expand collaboration, coordinate with other donors and financing institutions, and explore new partnerships to promote integration and multisectoral approaches to disease control and prevention.

Per the Application Process Guidelines, “Successful requests will show integration of services and strategies, including across antigens, to strengthen routine immunization within the country and enable delivery of other primary healthcare services.”

Countries affiliated with Gavi who are applying for support can use the Campaign Hub to: 

  • View planned and forecasted, cross-sector campaigns by country
  • Find resources to improve coordination and identify sound opportunities for integration of campaigns
  • Use case studies and data from partners such as WHO, UNICEF, and the Alliance for Malaria Prevention, to support efficient and effective collaboration among partners 

In the past, the Gavi Internal Review Committee (IRC) has used the Campaign Calendar, now the Health Campaigns Intelligence Hub (the Campaign Hub), to provide campaign data to the IRC review committee as they review applications from countries requesting support from Gavi. 

The Campaign Hub includes an interactive integration tool that allows users to view upcoming campaigns across all sectors and begin to analyze campaign compatibility for integration based on key variables (e.g., intervention delivery method, target population size, and target age of the campaign). After viewing the characteristics of upcoming campaigns, users should turn to the Decision Guidance Tool by the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition to deepen the conversation and plan for integration. 

A demo on how to use the interactive integration tool can be found here. Please contact with any questions, feedback, or to request a session with the development team. In addition to the Campaign Hub and the Decision Guidance Toolkit, Gavi applicants can learn from documented instances of integrated campaigns here.

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