Decision Guidance Tool

The Decision Tool on Health Campaign Integration is designed to assist officials and stakeholders at the country and global levels to identify and collect information on potential opportunities for health campaign integration. 

The objectives for the tool are to:
  1. Identify opportunities for initiating and continuing a discussion on campaign integration;
  2. Provide evidence-based criteria to help country health programs and stakeholders pair campaign interventions with strong promise for effective full or partial integration;
  3. Highlight the factors that are potential facilitators and barriers to such combinations in each country context; and
  4. Facilitate the synthesis of global and national guidelines, standards, and criteria to inform campaign integration decisions in each country.

While not exhaustive, the two appendices–Worksheet for Global and Country Standards on Planning Health Campaign Integration and Criteria across Health Domains and Specific Interventions for Selecting Potential Campaign Integration—can be particularly helpful for the pre-planning stages of campaign integration. Click here to download Appendix A.

The intended users are policy makers and stakeholders at the national, subnational, regional, and global levels who oversee, plan, finance, implement, or monitor health campaigns, and that issue guidance around health campaigns, PHC, and health systems strengthening.

In developing this tool, special attention was dedicated to upholding the key categories of Feasibility, Accountability, Acceptability, Compatibility, Context, and Equity (see Appendix C).

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We’d like to be in touch with you about use of the tool–if you are willing, kindly share your name and email with our tool developers.