Poster Presentations from Our First Annual Meeting Now Available

On October 20-21, the Coalition hosted its first annual meeting. The event convened nearly 100 experts from public health organizations around the globe, and featured multiple programming tracks, working group sessions, and poster presentations.

Tracks for the first day included Health Campaigns During COVID-19, Integration Between Health Campaigns: Intervention Co-delivery and Collaboration, and Health Campaigns and Systems Strengthening with Ongoing Health Services. The second day featured rotating breakout rooms, where participants contributed to the development of three tools for future use in campaign integration and planning.

In addition to the interactive conversations, the event also included a number of poster presentations, hosted digitally on the virtual event platform. These presentations cover a range of topics, including  restarting campaigns that have been interrupted by COVID-19, the challenges of data collection, the important of proper training for the healthcare workforce, and more.

These poster presentations are now being rolled out on our site in the Resources page. The first two, Health Campaigns During COVID-19: Challenges and Lessons for Restarting and Multi-Intervention Campaign Calendar for Public Health Campaigns, are available now; more will be available each week. We encourage you to watch the presentations, and come back each week for more!

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