Integrated campaigns: Implications for cost and policy

As part of efforts through ICAN to standardize campaign costing, the team at Thinkwell has released a policy brief with findings from three costing studies of immunization campaigns conducted in India, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Two of these campaigns were integrated (more than one intervention was delivered), a mode of delivery that is more of a priority than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, evidence is lacking on how integration affects delivery cost.

The policy brief presents the findings from costing studies of three campaigns:

  • Measles-rubella catch-up campaign in India
  • Yellow Fever campaigns in three states in Nigeria (Anambra, Katsina, and Rivers), co-delivered with meningitis A vaccine in Anambra
  • Measles-rubella catch-up campaign in Sierra Leone that was co-delivered with oral polio vaccine nationwide, and vitamin A and deworming tablets in half of the country

Learn more and download the policy brief here. 

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