Microplanning verification and 2017/2018 measles vaccination campaign in Nigeria: Lessons learnt

This 2021 article covers microplan verification in two stages.The measles supplemental immunisation activity is an effective strategy that improves vaccination coverage and reduces measles-related morbidity and mortality. However, the lack of compliance with microplanning processes, contributes to improper estimation of resources needed for a good SIA in Nigeria. We described the microplanning verification process for 2017/2018 measles vaccination campaign and highlighted the contribution of selected variables to the output of the microplan.

Results: All states in Nigeria verified their wards’ microplans, 21 states (57%) verified more than 30% ,16 states (43%) verified less than 30%, Kebbi State verified the lowest (5.3%). Over 90% of microplans verified complied with the microplanning processes. We observed that overall, there was no significant difference in the number of target population, vaccination teams and qualified vaccinators after the verification process.

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