Planning for supplemental immunization activities using the readiness assessment dashboard: Experience from 2017/2018 Measles vaccination campaign, Nigeria

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Globally, supplemental immunization activities (SIAs) are known to be a major strategy for attainment of the global measles elimination goal of less than one measles case per million population within a geographic area by the year 2020. Adequate planning is critical to the success of a vaccination campaign. To achieve a quality SIA implementation for effective interruption of measles transmission, the World Health Organization introduced the SIA Readiness Assessment Tool, which includes the readiness dashboard. It is a strategic planning tool used to ensure critical activities are completed before SIAs. Nigeria implemented a phased measles SIA in 2017/2018 and used the readiness assessment tool in the planning for the campaign. In this article, we report the use of the readiness assessment dashboard in the 2017/2018 measles SIA, we also reviewed its contributions to the outcome of the campaign looking at the post campaign coverage survey results for the states.


The states with 100% readiness a week prior to the campaign scored a post campaign coverage survey result of 84.6 – 96.5% with just one out of the eight states in this category getting a score below 90%. In the same vein, of the eight states that their readiness score at one week to the campaign was below 85%, six had post campaign coverage survey score of less than 90% with the highest score in this category being 92.3%. Some states with good readiness scores also had poor post campaign coverage survey which has been attributed to other factors other than readiness.


The readiness assessment dashboard for the measles vaccination campaign provided a platform for tracking states readiness. It is our view that a link between readiness assessment and coverage should be examined in future studies.

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