Participants delved into The Decision Guidance Toolkit for People-Centered Integration of Health Campaigns to examine steps taken that informed decisions in campaign integration from the perspectives of the panelists in India, Congo, and Nigeria. Participants identified actions in the pre-planning phase of campaign integration that gain leadership support for and address governance issues in full to partial campaign integration.

Panelists included a recipient of the Health Campaign Effectiveness Program Case Study Collaborative Planning Awards in India; a HCE Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee member in Congo Brazzaville; and a WHO representative in Nigeria. Panelists discussed a lymphatic filariasis and soil transmitted helminths campaign in India, along with planning for pulse polio; malaria bed net campaign integration decision making in Congo; and measles/meningitis A campaign planning in Nigeria.

Moderator: Joseph Oteri, Nigeria Governors’ Forum

Panelists: Dr. Jean Anne Baptiste, WHO Nigeria; Njara Rakotonirina, Catholic Relief Services Congo; Dr. Achintya Srivatsa, PATH India