A Model for Integration of Lymphatic Filariasis and Deworming MDA

Explorative research to inform a model for full integration of lymphatic filariasis and deworming MDA with learnings from the Pulse Polio campaign

Research Methods and Approaches

This exploratory study was the first to examine campaign integration in India. Government officials and other stakeholders participated in the decision-making process for possible integration of campaigns. The study team held meetings with partner agencies including the World Health Organization, Project Concern International, and Global Health Strategies. The team conducted key informant interviews (KII) with national and state program officers, district and block medical officers, and field-level workers.


  • Desk review of relevant guidelines
  • KII using a semi-structured interview tool
  • Purposive sampling


  • KII of program experts with at least three years of experience in either LF, STH, or Pulse Polio campaigns.
  • Informants included government officials, state program officers, district program officers, block medical officers, field level workers, partners, and other stakeholders.
  • KII were conducted across five levels: national (12), state (12), district (6), block (8), and village (8).

Program experts were interviewed from three different campaigns and across five levels of planning and implementation.