Promising Practices

A Model for Integration of Lymphatic Filariasis and Deworming MDA

Explorative research to inform a model for full integration of lymphatic filariasis and deworming MDA with learnings from the Pulse Polio campaign

  • Develop microplans for the integrated campaign that are similar to microplans for standalone campaigns.

  • Identify campaigns to be integrated that campaign workers know well.

  • Develop a communication strategy that addresses both diseases/interventions and uses one communication platform.  

  • Use an integrated training module for frontline health workers and supervisors.

  • Harmonize and align monitoring tools and train campaign workers on their use.

  • Learn from other successful health campaigns (e.g., Pulse Polio).

  • Use digital technology for household enumeration/census.

  • Compare and merge family/household/population registers during the microplanning process.

Photo: Anu Laxmi Buehler for NTD-SC/Task Force for Global Health

"Most of the programs are running as verticals and have their own strengths and limitations. Different factors need to be taken into consideration for an integration of campaigns to be successful...Everyone needs to sit together and finalize or draft a policy which should be amicable and acceptable to different departments involved." -Director, Communicable Diseases, Government of Uttar Pradesh.