Promising Practices

Collaborative Campaign Planning of Vitamin A Supplementation and LF Elimination

A pilot study of collaborative planning for integration of vitamin A supplementation and mass drug administration for eliminating lymphatic filariasis (LF) in Nepal.

  • Set up a working group or coordinating group to oversee campaign integration.
  • Understand the views of health workers, FCHVs, managers, and engage stakeholders early.
  • Conduct field observations as part of monitoring activities.
  • Interact with communities to understand views, opportunities and barriers to integrated campaigns.
  • Develop a complementary monitoring and supervision (CMS) approach to guide health workers in delivery of intervention.
  • Develop a plan to reach migrant/mobile populations. In Nepal, there is a need for a supplementary program to reach people missed in the scheduled campaigns in sites where travel is high, especially for migrant workers and populations travelling during festival seasons.
  • Develop tailored information, education and communication materials about the safety of LF MDA, to encourage eligible people taking it.

Community health worker in Nepal. Photo credit: Kira Barbre, NTD Support Center, Task Force for Global Health

The Women & Children’s and Education Sections of the municipality suggested mobilizing school children in future public information campaigns to ask family members about their MDA status.