Promising Practices

Improving the Effectiveness of an Integrated Measles and Meningitis A Immunization Campaign

Collaborative planning of an integrated campaign in a context of multiple epidemics

  • Establish administrative and financial procedures that reduce delays in remuneration to health workers.
  • Early in the process, identify and include program champions in advocating for high-level commitment; and community influencers in social mobilization.
  • Leverage an existing campaign platform that is known and trusted by the community.
  • Decentralize decision-making and prioritize local action in areas most at risk of epidemics.
  • Use technology to plan and show commitment to collaboration.
  • Establish a coordinating body to oversee campaign integration.
  • Convene coordination meetings with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Involve community stakeholders in planning and to improve acceptability of the integrated campaign. 

"In our protocol, MenAfrivac and MEAS2 are given to [children at age 13-24 months], so it is technically feasible to administer the two during an integrated campaign... it is important to integrate this campaign to prevent both diseases at the same time.” -Doctor, Kankan Health District