Promising Practices

Integration of NTD Control Campaigns with Other Health Interventions

An Exploration of Potential Integration of Neglected Tropical Disease Control Campaigns in Two Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Engage community health workers (ASHAs) to serve as links between communities and the healthcare system.

  • Train, support, and incentivize community health workers (ASHAs).

  • Provide a single training manual for the integrated campaign. 

  • Use technology for real-time monitoring and supportive supervision.

  • Involve local champions and local government  in social mobilization to instill confidence and motivate the population.

  • Leverage existing and familiar platforms or approaches (e.g., Village Health Nutrition Days).

  • Facilitate intersectoral collaboration to agree upon roles and responsibilities.

ASHAs in Uttar Pradesh (photo credit: IIHMR)

“One of the very few good points of the COVID outbreak is that virtual reviews are now happening quite frequently, before and during campaigns. Earlier, engagement with district officials was probably only once or twice a year, only during trainings. During the campaign, there was hardly any interaction with them. No feedback was coming from the state, but now with virtual platforms, feedback is being shared with the district on a weekly basis.” - NGO Partner