Campaign Integration Working Group Learning Agenda: Co-Delivery and Collaboration of Health Campaigns during COVID-19 Era

Health campaigns are time-bound, intermittent activities deployed to address specific epidemiological challenges, expediently fill delivery gaps, or provide surge coverage for health interventions. Many high-priority health areas use health campaigns as a significant part of their strategy, including neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), malaria, polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases (e.g., measles, yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus, meningitis, HPV), and nutrition (vitamin A). In settings where multiple campaigns occur, planning and implementation may be carried out with little communication and inadequate coordination among campaigns and/or with country national health programs and communities. This may result in inefficiencies and inequities that can strain health systems, burden health care workers, weaken health services and limit the potential health impact. Until now, there has
been no forum to help identify and promote promising practices across the many and varied health campaigns.

This learning agenda from the Campaign Integration Working Group’s November 2020 meeting defines key terms, profiles members, and sets the group’s timeline.

CIWG Learning and Research Agenda_17Nov020

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