First Annual Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition Meeting Summary

By the time the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition launched in October 2020, countries  had begun innovating to address the challenges of COVID-19. The First Annual Health Campaign  Effectiveness Meeting convened 137 people from 26 countries representing 56 organizations  across all five major health domains from 20 October 2020 – 21 October 2020.  

The meeting participants underscored the critical need to understand community concerns  related to COVID-19 so that social mobilization strategies could be tailored to address them.  Through the meeting, it was found that mobile phones and social media had begun to play an  expanded role in social mobilization and training of health workers.  

The imperative to give more attention to “partial integration” that focuses on collaboration  between campaigns surfaced in the launch meeting. There was an exchange of creative  examples of data being used for planning and monitoring from Guyana that utilized the EPI  platform for integrated microplanning. Kenya and Benin also highlighted the interoperability of  data platforms being used for different campaigns.  

Meeting participants expressed the importance of the negotiation phase (also known as  pre-planning) with all health campaign stakeholders that precedes actual campaign planning.  Several participants expressed that shared tools and approaches can contribute to high-level  government and partner commitment in the engagement process.  

Participants placed urgency on finding strategies to incentivize and retain community health  workers so that health goals can be met. There was agreement that dependence on volunteers  must be reduced to improve effectiveness of health campaigns and primary healthcare systems.  Participants called to document lessons learned from independent campaigns for a greater  understanding of factors that enable and hinder campaign effectiveness. Participants also  agreed that in order to transition from independent campaigns to integrated primary healthcare  systems governance must be strengthened. 

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