Integration Insights: Findings from Liberia

Integration is an obvious opportunity, but realization requires an understanding of the purpose and trade offs at different levels. This poster examines some of the data about integration that we have collected as part of our research in Libera against the four campaign effectiveness objectives. We found that the impact of integration between campaigns across effectiveness objectives is uncertain but we see positive potential for integration as well. We encourage considering opportunities for integration stating with local-level objectives and looking upstream for more global-level coordination and integration to enable sustainable changes within countries. This poster presentation covers insights derived from a subset of research about Campaign Effectiveness and how factors can drive behavior through systems in high-capacity, low-capacity, and complex contexts.

Stacey Chang, Executive Director, Design Institute for Health, presented this poster of integration insights at our First Annual Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition Meeting.

Suggested Citation: “Chang, Stacey. Design Institute for Health. Integration Insights: Findings from Liberia. Poster presented at: First Annual Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition Meeting, Task Force for Global Health; 21-22 October, 2020.”

Watch the presentation below.

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