Knowledge, attitude, perception of Muslim parents towards vaccination in Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominant Muslim country and the recent surge in vaccine-preventable disease enticed us to conduct a survey to measure the knowledge, attitude and perception of Muslim parents toward vaccination process. The data were collected under four segments such as demography, knowledge, attitude and perception. The questionnaire had high internal consistency (0.823) for Cronbach’s alpha. The sociodemographic determinants such as marital status (OR = 1.12; 0.91–1.38;p < .05), education level (college OR = 1.35; 1.12–1.64;p < .05, secondary OR = 1.22; 1.01–1.47;p < .05) and the occupation of parents (OR = 1.25; 1.07–1.45;p < .05) were observed affecting the knowledge score significantly. Majority of Malaysian Muslim parents believed that “vaccine is not prohibited in Islam” and most of them also rejected the belief that “all vaccines are non halal and hence should be avoided”.

None of the sociodemographic determinants significantly affected the Attitude and Perception score of the Muslim parents. It was observed that the Attitude and Perception score did not establish any association with any of the socio-demographic determinants and hence the null hypothesis that Malaysian Muslim parents had positive Attitude and good Perception toward vaccination process was accepted.

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