State of Health Delivery Campaigns

The cross-cutting campaign calendar was initially created to provide transparency across disease verticals and geographies around upcoming campaign events. This included visibility into what campaigns are planned, their resource and input requirements, and their performance. Since its inception, the calendar has widened in scope to address partner requests for information on target population, subnational geographies, and co-delivery. These partners include global collaborators such as Alliance for Malaria Prevention, END Fund, Gavi, Global Fund, UNICEF, WHO, etc., as well as country-level program managers and ministries of health.

The team’s hope is that this resource will benefit our partners at global and country levels through direct utilization of the calendar, associated datasets, and visualization outputs to improve their approach to campaign planning, prioritization, execution, and potentially joint delivery.

In the context of a COVID- and post-COVID world, this work becomes even more important; the ability to engage with a cross-cutting dataset on planned and completed campaigns has been essential to track campaign cancellations/ delays/disruptions, and to prioritize activities that are most likely to provide health impact in the post-COVID recovery period.

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