Promising Practices

Lessons Learned from Measles and Meningitis A Integrated Campaigns in Northern Nigeria

A Retrospective Study of Lessons Learned From the 2019-2020 Implementation of Measles and Meningitis A Integrated Campaigns in the Context of COVID-19

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities; establish a coordination platform. 

  • Harmonize plans, tools, systems from stand-alone campaigns to support integration.

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities at national, state and local levels.

  • Involve community leaders and influencers to promote community acceptance of the integrated campaign.

  • Assess readiness for campaign integration in months, weeks and days prior to implementation.

  • Use a variety of targeted social mobilization methods.

  • Adapt logistics for vaccine storage and waste disposal. 

  • Stagger timing of campaigns, as needed, to mitigate gaps in human and material resources.

Schoolchildren in Nigeria (Shutterstock)

“The relations between stakeholders were very cordial and accepting. We had a State Social Mobilization Committee. All played a part in vaccine coordination from supply to end-use.” Program Manager, State Emergency Routine Immunization Coordinator, SPHCDA