Simbarashe Mabaya, MD, MPH

Dr Simbarashe (Simba) Mabaya is the Senior Technical Advisor – Primary Health Care at Gavi, The
Vaccine Alliance. Simba completed his medical training in Zimbabwe before obtaining a Masters
degree in Public Health from the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp in Belgium. Prior to
joining Gavi Simba worked for WHO, ITECH and ICRC in HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Primary Healthcare
programmes as well as for the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe as a clinician. As part of the Gavi
Vaccine Programmes Team Simba is currently supporting delivery of COVID-19 vaccines at scale
and contributing to the designing the new Malaria Vaccine Programme. Simba is passionate about
developing new approaches to solve public health problems particularly in the developing world
where the need is huge. His interest is how leadership can be leveraged to cause positive change.