NNN 2021: Country led approaches on planning and operationalizing the integration and mainstreaming of NTD

This September, Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition awardees presented on their research at the 2021 NNN conference.

View the slides from the:

NTD prevention and control programs often function independently with little coordination with other NTD and health programs delivering interventions through campaigns. A more integrated delivery approach for NTD interventions may improve cost-effectiveness, coverage and geographical reach, and social inclusion of NTD programs. Further, varied approaches to mainstreaming the delivery of NTD interventions with the primary health care (PHC) system are also being explored and tested. More evidence and guidance is needed for the planning and operationalization of these innovative integration and mainstreaming ideas in different country contexts for accelerated achievement of NTD 2030 targets. 

Participants learned about the following from country-based teams supported by the Health Campaign Effectiveness program: a) the feasibility, health system readiness, opportunities, and challenges of collaborative planning of integrated NTD campaigns in Uttar Pradesh, India; b) planned mainstreaming of the delivery of NTD interventions with the PHC system across multiple regions in Ethiopia, and c) planned co-delivery of multiple NTD and other health interventions in the Jimma zone, Ethiopia. 

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